Muay Thai is over 2000 years old, which brings us its unique and special workout.
MUAYFIT gives you the the most authentic real full body workout thats fast, empowering and fun.
Trainer is always here to help and motivate, bringing the best out in you.




September 7, 2016

5 ways KICKBOXING is the best workout for woman.

  1. Melt fat, fast Combining martial arts techniques and heart-pumping cardio, Thai kickboxing is a high-energy workout that is guaranteed to burn calories and fat. “It’s an incredibly efficient workout. Thai Kickboxing alone burns about 380 calories in 35 Min,” says Glen Goncalves, founder and creator of MUAYFIT Ontario’s newest […]
June 8, 2016


There’s a lot of talk about water these days, and ultimately the question everyone wants answered is, how much do you need? The truth is, that number is entirely dependent on the person asking – their lifestyle, activity levels, eating habits, and even climate. The best way to figure out what […]

Muayfit Weekly Schedule

Muayfit 35 min workout, sessions start every 3 min.
NEW Muayfit MF45 is our new workout that currently runs every Thursday. The classes run every hour and you must register for that class on the Mindbody app. http://bit.ly/2fGOd71 Please keep notice for the Last Sessions Times. If a member comes after final times you will not be able to participate in the final session for the day. Thank You.

Here is what's included in your membership

Trainer Included

Trainer Included

Only Experienced Professional Trainiers with years of teaching experiece at Muayfit. They will encourage & motivate YOU.
Workouts Change Daily

Workouts Change Daily

Workouts change daily so you body never gets used to the workout, it never plateaus. Gives you the best opportunity to look and feel great.
Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps are important for wrist support. This ensures you will not get injured when hitting the bags.
Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves

You will receive Hand Wraps for wrist support. This ensures you can fully commit to your workout without getting injured.
Heart Rate Technology

Heart Rate Technology

Muayfit Heart Rate Monitoring system. Encourages you to stay in your optimal fat burning zone along with a post workout report.
Unlimited Workouts

Unlimited Workouts

Every membersip allow you to train as many days a week as you like. We recommend two to three a week but one will do just fine.
Never Get Hit

Never Get Hit

You punch and kick bags. Never get hit, safe comfortable environment.
2 Different Workout Styles

2 Different Workout Styles

35 min curicuit (starts every three min) 45 min “MF45” (complete full body +) Two fantastic workouts, YOUR choice.


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    Julia ZiembaRozita GolshanGianluca AmendolaDanny H.Chris Solerno Eugenia Motta
  • I just started Muay Thai a week ago and realize how out of shape you can be if you go to the gym to do weights. I have never experienced a full body workout like this. I have boxed in the past and this does not compare. I was also a personal trainer for over 15 years.
    Julia Ziemba
  • I started at MUAYFIT about a month ago and I absolutely love it. It's a hardcore full body workout along with techniques in 35 min and you have your own personal trainer. I've been working out regularly for 5 years now and somedays I used to workout for 2 hours but I still feel more in this 35 min. Totally recommend it.
    Rozita Golshan
  • Muayfit in my opinion is the answer for a new way to improve your health, stay fit and learn new skills. Muayfit is a window to the world of Martial Arts by offering you the opportunity to experience the art first hand and to build strength and skills. It continues to challenge you to grow and push you to your limits and beyond, all in a controlled professional setting.
    Gianluca Amendola
  • Muayfit is an intense workout that enhances all aspects of life from well being, heath, confidence, self-respect as well as respect for others. Great way to lose weight and improve strength.
    Danny H.
  • Joining MUAYFIT changed my world in terms of fitness..

    KRU GLEN'S dedication to his students is second to none. I recommend MUAYFIT to Anyone.
    Chris Solerno
  • If you live in Newmarket or close by you have to check out this killer workout and Muay Thai Gym.

    It's owned and operated by an amazing KRU that I have had the pleasure of training with, Kru Glen Goncalves

    Eugenia Motta
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